Osamu Tezuka Dairies: Princess Knight/Ribon no Kishi

I am a big fan of Osamu Tezuka, often called the father of manga. I desperately wanted to see the Tezuka museum since finding out it was a thing. And in the spring holidays, I did! I have photos to prove it. While there I really had two main takeways. First, for all I care about Tezuka and have learned from various books and histories, I have read very little of his work. And second, he wrote a lot, so it just seems statistically odd to have dealt with as a little of his work as I have.

I’ve watched pretty much all the Astroboy that exists, some Blackjack, and that is pretty much it in terms of his work. Not until a few weeks ago had I even read any of his manga. Since I’ve somehow always loved his work while consuming barely any of it, I thought I’d try and read what I can. I’ve been told Tezuka’s work is rather hard to read so I’ve been reading it in English.

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Being noticed, the problem of geo location dating and a small town.

I was looking through my drafts recently, and realized I never actually posted this. It’s… almost a year out of date, but I hope you enjoy it.

So… Like many things in life, being in rural area changes up. Combine low amount of people, with being rather visually distinctive and it was inevitable that one day I would just run into someone who recognized me from one of the geo location dating apps, like 9monsters.

Earlier this year it happened. I cycled to Geo, to browse their games. Finding a wonderful ice blue DS Lite in wonderful condition. When I was leaving though, an older man walked up to me and said “… 9monsters?” as if it was some kind of weird secret code…

Which to be fair, it is.

And I knew this day had to come. After all, on 9mon I am the only white man within about 70km of me, maybe more. (although that’s changed now) It was inevitable that I would run into someone nearby who would remember me from the app.  I had mentally prepared for this. And said:

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