Sega takai!

Sega takai – Tall, 

A daily refrain right now for me when I walk into any class room is all the kids going `sega takai!` or `bery bery big.` Which, I suspected I had gotten used to at my base school. I thought I`d gotten used to it in Fukuoka, when we had a primary school visit a few years ago. I thought I had gotten used to it over 10 months in Toyama nearly 8 years ago… I felt I understood what it was to be looked at constantly with those `wow isn’t he just so darn tall` eyes.

I also felt that several years ago, I had gotten to some level of acceptance about my size. Which is a fairly generous 47 inches around the waist, 189cm vertically, and 140 kilos (well, probably 137 but I haven’t had the chance to confirm) I even thought while I was here I was still very resilient and confident about these things. Working to lose weight for health, but I felt content about my weight… Only a class last week I confidently answered without hesitation the answer to my weight. So I thought I was doing really well in regards to this issue.

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