Osaka trip and merch!

I went on a trip! Osaka baby! The Tokyo of the west, where all comedians are from supposedly, and the heart of the Kansai region generally.

My time was somewhat limited, however, I did make Nipponbashi one of my priorities. It’s not as famous as Akihabara but Nipponbashi, aka , Den Den Town, is the main gaming and electronics goods area of the western half of Japan. I did try and be somewhat sensible in regards to purchases as I had limited, although it hardly seems that way…


So first, a small collection of Persona Q character goods… Persona Q is a cross over combining chibi versions of Persona 3/4 characters and the dungeon crawling gameplay of Etrian Odyssey, known as Sekai Meikyu in Japan, often abbreviated to SQ (Hence Persona Q). I haven’t played the game to know if I like it, but CUTE CHIBI PERSONA CHARACTERS SO SO CUTE!


BADGES. Phoenix Wright badges specifically. These aren’t for me but a friend back home. So you can be jealous of them.


I don’t usually like to buy additional  versions of games I already own, but SaGa 2 is a pretty fantastic lean clever RPG from one of Square’s maddest designers Akitoshi Kawazu was left in charge of this and it’s one of his finest creations! The gameboy really limited just how insane he could be and so SaGa 2 lacks a lot of the useless complexity many of his later games like The Last Remnant have. And I love that insane mesh of systems where the point of the game is almost to actually solve the matrix of systems. Anyway… I felt it was worth getting an extra bit of Kawazu in my life.


Looks ominous right? Well, I think you should read about it on hardcoregaming101. But, in case you won’t… Nanashi no Game (The Nameless Game) is a horror game inspired by classic, The Ring, where you discover a cursed nameless game, that appears to be a glitchy version of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. It’s apparently quite interesting and fairly hard to get hold off, so when I found it while wandering the game shops, I couldn’t resist it as I’ve never seen a real copy before.  Although quite frankly I’m not likely to play it for a while as my Japanese is not good enough right now, and I’m trying to avoid buying too many games like that these days, but sometimes it isn’t so bad.


Some of the cheapest things I bought! 300 yen a piece! Although… I paid with sanity… These are all independently produced games by 07th Expansion, making them not simply ‘indie games’ but also doujin. Doujin pc games in Japan are associated with… porn… So, since I was set on finding these when doujin sections were around I had to wade through so many boobs… Drawn, animated, CG, photos.  And not just boobs too!

Not that I think porn is inherently bad, but I do find it notable that it’s not a question that straight men would be looking at porn games outside of very rare circumstances. So many women, so so few men getting it on. To be fair, most of Nipponbashi was filled with men, so they understand their actual audience, but… Why can’t we see more gender equality with this kind of software?


And this piece, was not from Nipponbashi, it’s some merch brought somewhere else to be discussed next time!


Sega takai!

Sega takai – Tall, 

A daily refrain right now for me when I walk into any class room is all the kids going `sega takai!` or `bery bery big.` Which, I suspected I had gotten used to at my base school. I thought I`d gotten used to it in Fukuoka, when we had a primary school visit a few years ago. I thought I had gotten used to it over 10 months in Toyama nearly 8 years ago… I felt I understood what it was to be looked at constantly with those `wow isn’t he just so darn tall` eyes.

I also felt that several years ago, I had gotten to some level of acceptance about my size. Which is a fairly generous 47 inches around the waist, 189cm vertically, and 140 kilos (well, probably 137 but I haven’t had the chance to confirm) I even thought while I was here I was still very resilient and confident about these things. Working to lose weight for health, but I felt content about my weight… Only a class last week I confidently answered without hesitation the answer to my weight. So I thought I was doing really well in regards to this issue.

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Early Saijo events.

Life in Saijo, a small festival, fireworks and the most dramatic Frisbee related injury I`ve ever had.

Well, enough about games. I`m not entirely convinced that is the main subject you want to hear about from me. And much to the surprise of many a person there is more to my life here than simply playing games.

The first or second weekend here, (I honestly can`t remember anymore) I was able to sample the delights of a simple festivalish thing. I honestly don`t recall what it was for. That first little time in Saijo was just a blur… but that night I got two things very important to every trip in Japan!

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