What time do you like? Now.

So… one of the original things this blog was supposed to do was talk about my life as a JET. As opposed to just some gay otaku in Japan. So, a really nice moment in class happened today.

Right now in Elementary School with one of my classes we are doing “What X do you like” (game, animal, colour, etc).

I usually start off each class with a game criss cross, where students stand, answer a question, and can then say “Line” or “Row” students either vertically or horizontal to the student sit down. 5 months in and they still love it enough to do two rounds every week, and it’s a good review game too. Anyway, to spice things up, I’ve been asking some incredibly arbitrary questions, what weather do you like, what day do you like etc. Today though I asked what time do you like?

A child raises their hand, looks at the clock, and says the present time. Upon asking why, his response was simple, and clever. “Well, this is the time I can say Line/Row.”

Sensible reason.