6 Games I already own I am looking forward to playing in 2016

I own a lot of games. Last year I made up a big list of things I wanted to try and finish last year, but it was far too big a list to really accomplish. So here is a list of games I already own, that I want to play more this year, and most of them are RPGs because I hate my time.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

I’ve been playing this a little late last year. But The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open world game that actually feels like people live might live in it. Recently I’ve gotten involved in the quest “Family Matters,” which tied for first at USgamer’s questline of 2015. And frankly it shows the Witcher at its best. Ultimately The Witcher 3 is at it’s best when it is being a detective game. Which it is happy to spend time doing. It’s combat is not great, there are lots of minor niggles, but every session I give the Witcher 3 always results in a great thing I want to tell someone about. Which I can’t say about many open world games. I probably won’t finish this, but just plug away at it every so often.

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Bought this on US release date, well before the Australian one that applied to my region. Frankly it’s taken me several goes to get as far as I have, which still isn’t that far. The game has a lot of character, and a lot of characters both in terms of people and just letters. While it might be easy to dismiss Trails in the Sky for being overly talky, it is overly talky, and I love every minute these people speak. Early on though, the game is quite slow and still hasn’t shown it’s true colours. I’m playing it on PSP, although only because I’ve already invested a solid 10 hours into it. Wish me luck.

Dragon Quest VII

Thinking of big RPGs that don’t show off their best points early, Dragon Quest VII, the largest DQ to ever be made, where one of the major points of the remake is that they cut content and quickened up the game considerably. Having recently worked my way through bits of DQX and Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest  I am hopeful I can get through it in Japanese as part of my resolution to play more in Japanese.

Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo Xanadu, while not as highly acclaimed as Trails in the Sky, does borrow a lot from the series with a focus on a likable cast. However the combat is classic Ys arcade intensity, which for me is Falcom at their finest. Despite the fact Xseed as almost certain to localize it sooner or later, but I am hopeful I can beat this before they do. Oddly, I wasn’t so keen on this for the longest time pre-release, but when I got to play it at TGS I was hooked by the good action mechanics to it.


Finally, something not 50 hours long. I’ve managed to stay pretty ignorant on this title other the basics. And hope to play it before that changes. I know that Undertale plays with it’s story and battles a lot, and am looking forward to being surprised. Although I am concerned that actual play of the title will get in the way of what it does well.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

I bought this on a whim so minor I literally forgot I had ordered it until the box arrived and I was puzzled by what could be inside. I’d apparently managed to snag it for under 2000 yen. Which was a pretty good deal. I heard so much good about the game that it was hard to not also want it.


What’s in your backlog that you need hope to at least tackle a little this year?


The games that made 2015 for me.

It’s a new year, which means every single gaming blogger has to write about the best stuff they played last year. Like a lot of bloggers, a lot of what I played last year was not games from that year itself. So, let’s go over what was great for me last year in gaming. I played some games other than these that might have been better, but didn’t leave the impact these did.

Tales from the Borderlands (Telltale Games, available on everything pretty much)

It was tempting to also put The Wolf Among Us here, which was also equally excellent. But humour, and twisting the Telltale formula just a little helps a lot. Borderlands has always been a silly world, which has always drawn me too games, but sadly that zaniness is spread too thin across shooters that I frankly don’t enjoy enough to endure. Telltale manages to stay true to the feel of the world, but has you playing what Borderlands would leave to the NPCs. And benefits a lot from it. The game makes a lot of jokes out of the iconic telltale reminders “X will remember that” and other Telltale staples. Unique, and implied by the image above though, is that you play two characters, which when that aspect gets played up, is rather special. It’s hard to talk about the game in much detail as being story driven, and a comedy, surprise is important. But know it actually ends up telling a pretty strong tale that is also funny. This is Telltale in their element, at their finest.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Square/Tri-Ace, PS3/360/PC)

Lightning Returns is an absolute mess of a game, made by studio well regarded for total messes that work, Tri-Ace. Lightning Returns requires a certain mindset to play, where you play by its rules, not your own. Once you accept this open world game with JRPG combat, quest driven leveling, and limited resources, even on monsters in the world, you’ll find something pretty special. With a very dense open world, Lightning Returns managed to make its environments pretty dense. Unlike a lot of other open world games with more area, you’ll hardly remember it. As you progress in this though, you’ll start to feel right at home in the world, and not in a bad way. Chances are certain quests will make you spot stuff you didn’t notice even though you walked by dozens of times. The story itself is rather terrible, and almost a parody of other Final Fantasy games, but character’s Lightning interacts with are often silly and bizarre, and Lightning Returns is at its best when it is being silly while playing by its own rules. For example, one quest has you sneaking into a castle by playing the leading role in a performance, and overloading the finale with fireworks to cause the destruction needed to get in. The problem? To score the part you need a pretty dress. To get the pretty dress you need to fight through the arena. I loved how silly it was and was one of the games I spent the most time with last year.

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