Attempting a new study method.

Recently (yesterday), I have started reading a site called “All Japanese all the time” which generally shouts the same advice to you in many different ways and altering which group it’ll jokingly offend…

But the advice is worth reading, ultimately it comes down to this though… “Have fun and it’s never too early to do what you think you should wait to do. Oh and textbooks mostly suck.”

So basically, if you really want to read One Piece just DO IT, and slave away with that dictionary as you have to. I mentioned something a little similar in an article about learning from games.

So what is my method? Well, I enjoy a lot of obscure anime and/or games that are a pain to explain. Revolutionary Girl Utena isn’t easy to explain to people full stop, but my limited vocab does. So where can I find good, not overly complex descriptions of shows and various topics I might want to discuss…


So, I am going to start and see how learning Japanese with the intention to help me talk about specific topics rather than ambling about in the practical Japanese of JLPT that has been tiring me so much over the past two months to the point I have actually not picked up my ipod for revision in 2 weeks.

Make your language learning fun, by making it relevant. Let’s see how this pans out.


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